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Bridging Healthcare and Tech: Dr. Freeman’s Informatics Journey

March 12, 2024 Ben
The Pivotal Podcast
Bridging Healthcare and Tech: Dr. Freeman’s Informatics Journey
Show Notes

In this episode of The Pivotal Podcast, we dive into the remarkable journey of Dr. Rebecca Freeman, who transitioned from a career in IT to the dynamic world of nursing and health informatics. 

As the Vice President for Health Informatics at the University of Vermont Health Network, Dr. Freeman brings a unique perspective on how technology and healthcare intersect to create meaningful change.

What you’ll discover:

✔️ Dr. Freeman's inspiring shift from IT to nursing, fueled by a search for purpose post-9/11.
✔️ An insider’s look into health informatics and its critical role in reshaping healthcare delivery.
✔️ Challenges and achievements in marrying technology with patient-centric care.
✔️ Valuable insights for professionals navigating the evolving healthcare technology landscape.

Tune in to hear Dr. Freeman’s story and glean insights on the future of healthcare through the lens of informatics. This episode is ideal for those curious about the transformative impact of technology in healthcare settings.

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